Coloured pencil? Pastel? Charcoal? Water colour? Ink?

They are all good choices… and will depend on your own personal preferences and how you “see” the subject.



Produces a classic image. “Less is more”



Produces a classic image. “Less is more”

Water Colour

has rich transparent colours, and seems to create a "glow"


Coloured Pencil

will have vivid colours. The grain of the paper may add slight texture. Features and details can be quite precise


Pastel chalk

comes in a wide range of very rich and juicy colours. It allows very smooth blending and usually has a softer more painterly look, with broader strokes.


Ink Drawings

can capture a likeness in a less conventional way. Ink drawings are bold yet minimalist. Ink works well for adult subjects, and house portraits.

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